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6th June 2024
CTP environnement group at the SIWW from 19 to 21st June 2024

We will be present at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), one of the world’s premier platforms to share and co-create innovative water, coastal and flood solutions to meet urban water and climate challenges.

More about the exhibition

We are looking foward to meeting you in Singapore and introducing you to the best solutions for the industrials issues we face today.

3rd May 2024
CTP environnement group at the IFAT Munich from 13th to 17th May 2024

We will share a booth at the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.

More about the exhibition

It brings together the most important international industry representatives from politics, business and science. And it offers exciting ideas and innovative solutions for industrial and municipal challenges.

8th April 2024
New website for our North American subsidiaries !

To support its expansion, CTP environment America (USA & Canada) has launched its dedicated website for North America.

Following few months of development in order to show you the best of our services, our innovative solutions in chemical cleaning and mobile water treatment are just a click away !

Check out the new website


Solution de traitement des effluents en complément de la station existante pour un traitement complet de l’azote

Complementary nitrogen treatment by a
Biomobil® - Tank mobile unit

Solution de traitement temporaire pendant une opération de maintenance

Industrial and sanitary effluent treatment using a biological mobile unit plus Aeromobil®
United Kingdom

Solution de traitement complète pendant un arrêt de production

Chemical cleaning followed by effluent treatment using a physico-chemical unit with lamellar settling: Clearflow®, combined with a Geofloc® dewatering process

Prestation complète de nettoyage d’un réservoir en vue de sa requalification

Mechanical cleaning of the inside of the tank and decontamination of its internal surfaces

Solution de traitement mobile pour la gestion des eaux de pluies d’une raffinerie

Effluent treatment using an Aeromobil® dissolved air flotation unit bundled with Geofloc® sludge dewatering unit

Mise en conformité d’effluents d’eaux incendies

Effluent treatment using a physico-chemical Clearflow® mobile unit before discharge into the site’s biological treatment plant

Traitement chimique d’une colonne
de stripping

Cleaning the stripping column’s internal packing using chemical circulation

Traitement des effluents issus du nettoyage d’un condenseur en centrale nucléaire

Removal of metals using a physico-chemical Clearflow® mobile treatment unit

Solution mobile de traitement des effluents pour augmenter la capacité de la station existante

Effluent treatment with a combined solution of biological and dissolved air flotation separation units: Biomobil® - Tank & Aeromobil®
United Kingdom

Nettoyage d’aéroréfrigérant d’une usine d’incinération

3 successful online cleaning campaigns

Nettoyage annuel de la boucle d’eau d’une centrale thermique

Mechanical cleaning of the cooling tower and steam condenser during shutdown

Traitement d’effluents radioactifs de bâtiment réacteur en centrale nucléaire

Online dewatering of sludge generated by the hydrodemolition of concrete blocks

Circulation chimique pendant une opération de maintenance

Passivation of the steam generation circuit - fired heater for a steam cracker