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Chemical cleaning Cogeneration

Targeted cleaning

CTP environnement has developed a range of cleaning solutions specifically designed for cogeneration heat exchangers, for the flue gas side.

Although the majority of cogeneration plants burn clean gas, the oils and greases used to lubricate moving parts break down at high temperatures and contaminate the vapour, which creates a fouling on the downstream heat exchange surfaces (whether these are finned or tubular).

A beneficial application

The nominal operating characteristics of heat exchangers are restored, with specifically:

  • An improvement in heat transfer and efficiency
  • A reduction in the quantity of fuel and CO2 emissions

When performed regularly, these operations ensure the long-term sustainability of equipment and maintain the energy efficiency that is the basic principle of cogeneration.

Processes tailored to the design of heat exchangers

CTP environnement has a choice of two methods, combining mechanics and chemistry, which cover all kinds of cogeneration heat exchangers:

  • Rotary jet cleaning is suitable for intra-tube cleaning: the combined action of the chemical degreaser, the temperature and the jet pressure enable residues to be removed. Each tube is treated individually to ensure completely consistent results.
  • The high-pressure spraying process is suitable for deep cleaning finned tubes: the powerful degreaser applied using a fan nozzle reaches beyond the most accessible tubes, guaranteeing a 100% uniform result, which is conducive to the right heat transfer balance.
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Offline cleaning of cogeneration boilers and treatment of effluent produced

Offline cleaning of economiser in cogeneration boilers using our Neutrol® process combined with the Geofloc® process - dewatering and neutralising the effluent produced

Our client, a major player in the production and supply of electricity in Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada), handles the generation and distribution of 80 % of the energy consumed in the province.

19th March 2020
Measures taken by CTP environnement group to ensure continuity of services

In accordance with the Government announcements to combat the spread of COVID-19, CTP environnement has communicated the protective gestures recommended by the Ministry of Health to all its employees.

A close watch is made by our HSE and HR departments in order to apply any real-time changes in the means of preventive measures issued by the Health Authority.

To protect our employees as well as third parties, we adopted the following measures:

13th March 2020
Introduction of DECAMEX technology during the « VISIONEERING 2020 » conference in Thailand

The annual technology seminar organised in January by our partner VIPTEL gathered about 200 actors from major Oil, Gas and energy industries, such as PTTGC, SCG, Thai Oil...

2019 november 27th
CTP ambiental moves

Our Brazilian subsidiary, historically settled in Rio de Janeiro - close to the head-office of Petrobras - moves in the state of Sao Paulo in the center of Brazilian industry !