Engineering and Design Department with practical experience

Multi-disciplinary approach to R&D

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Diverse expertise
is what makes
our R&D unique
and dynamic

Water, environmental and chemical engineering, etc. Our wide-ranging expertise is combined and coordinated by the Engineering and Design Department with a dual objective: to foster daily innovation and to provide support for the group’s branches and subsidiaries, for the benefit of its clients.

Based on shared technology monitoring activities, our engineers are entrusted with improving the group's technical expertise. How can we make a unit more mobile, more ergonomic, more compact, etc.? How can we optimise cleaning processes? How can we develop our role as a lead contractor to improve performance?

Bespoke operations

The Engineering and Design Department also provides support for teams during each operational phase:

  • The selection and configuration of equipment
  • Technical support for commissioning and during operation
  • The choice of treatments and their focus
  • Curative maintenance
  • Maintenance/call-out reports and feedback

We take our role as an expert very seriously, which is why our equipment is always designed and devised to meet our clients’ needs in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Innovation centre

Working closely with our laboratory, the Engineering Centre develops innovative processes, which favour the use of biodegradable, water-saving products.

Our priorities: to devise technological and ergonomic solutions that meet the economic challenges while also minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

As a vital part of the group’s DNA, our dynamic R&D policy allows us to diversify our markets (including nuclear operations and effluent treatment) by fine-tuning new solutions.

19th March 2020
Measures taken by CTP environnement group to ensure continuity of services

In accordance with the Government announcements to combat the spread of COVID-19, CTP environnement has communicated the protective gestures recommended by the Ministry of Health to all its employees.

A close watch is made by our HSE and HR departments in order to apply any real-time changes in the means of preventive measures issued by the Health Authority.

To protect our employees as well as third parties, we adopted the following measures:

13th March 2020
Introduction of DECAMEX technology during the « VISIONEERING 2020 » conference in Thailand

The annual technology seminar organised in January by our partner VIPTEL gathered about 200 actors from major Oil, Gas and energy industries, such as PTTGC, SCG, Thai Oil...

2019 november 27th
CTP ambiental moves

Our Brazilian subsidiary, historically settled in Rio de Janeiro - close to the head-office of Petrobras - moves in the state of Sao Paulo in the center of Brazilian industry !