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30th september 2019
The new website of CTP environment is online in both French and English!

More comprehensive, more modern, more representative experience ! Introducing all of our businesses, it will be regularly updated with news from the group’s activity.

Do not hesitate to discover it and follow our news!

15th april 2019
A new laboratory container in Malaysia

CTP environment Asia Pacific provides a mobile solution with a long-term rental of 2 Aeromobil® to an important chemicals producer in Malaysia. A technician is required full-time during this operation, so CTP environment also designs a container to facilitate daily work on site, including an integrated laboratory.

5th march 2019
Treatment Mobile Units: release of the Aeromobil® 7

Brand new from the range of air flotation units developped by CTP environnement, the tank of the last Aeromobil® 7 is completely covered to inert the potential toxic gas emission from the flotator.

Stainless steel has been replaced by steel painted with epoxy, making the tank fitted for all types of effluent strongly loaded with chloride.

15th february 2019
A new treatment mobile unit: Cleardry

To propose a solution to a specific problem, CTP environnement has developped a full automated, mobile and modular treatment line.

From effluent pumping to waste volume reduction, Cleardry is the combination of water clarification and static sludge dewatering skids, available for use within a small area. Used alone or associated with other mobile treatment units, problematic effluents can be managed, ensuring conformity with compliance regulations and significantly reducing waste volumes.

15th january 2019
A new location in UK

After several successful operations, CTP environnement group wished to bring a closer support to the british industrial needs. The new branch based in Manchester is dedicated to this objective.

CTP environment UK is staffed with a Franco-British team, fully experienced in the different range of services proposed by CTP environnement, providing local support to this important market.