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3 rd January 2022
Best wishes !

All our teams wish you a happy new year !

18th October 2021
A glance at the POLLUTEC exhibition

With 4 days of exhibition in the water sector, we took advantage of this strategic location to showcase our effluent treatment solutions and meet all our partners on site.

5th October 2021
CTP environnement exhibits at POLLUTEC

Pollutec is back in Lyon from 12th to 15th October !

Recognized today as the reference meeting place for environmental professionals, platform for environmental solutions for industries, cities and territories, and springboard for innovations and international development, it gathers nearly 2,200 exhibitors.


Additional effluent treatment solution to complete the existing plant

Complementary nitrogen treatment by a
Biomobil® - Tank mobile unit

Station by-pass for maintenance

Industrial and sanitary effluent treatment using a biological mobile unit plus Aeromobil®
United Kingdom

A comprehensive treatment solution during a production shutdown

Chemical cleaning followed by effluent treatment using a physico-chemical unit with lamellar settling: Clearflow®, combined with a Geofloc® dewatering process

Comprehensive service for cleaning a tank for the purpose of its reclassification

Mechanical cleaning of the inside of the tank and decontamination of its internal surfaces

A mobile treatment solution to manage contaminated rainwater in a refinery

Effluent treatment using an Aeromobil® dissolved air flotation unit bundled with Geofloc® sludge dewatering unit

Rendering waste fire-fighting water compliant

Effluent treatment using a physico-chemical Clearflow® mobile unit before discharge into the site’s biological treatment plant

Internal Chemical treatment of a stripping column

Cleaning the stripping column’s internal packing using chemical circulation

Treatment of effluent generated by cleaning the condenser at a nuclear power plant

Removal of metals using a physico-chemical Clearflow® mobile treatment unit

Mobile effluent treatment solution to boost the capacity of the existing plant

Effluent treatment with a combined solution of biological and dissolved air flotation separation units: Biomobil® - Tank & Aeromobil®
United Kingdom

Energy from waste site: cleaning of air cooler condenser

3 successful online cleaning campaigns

Annual cleaning of the water loop in thermal power plant

Mechanical cleaning of the cooling tower and steam condenser during shutdown

Treatment of radioactive effluent from a nuclear power plant’s reactor building

Online dewatering of sludge generated by the hydrodemolition of concrete blocks

Chemical circulation during a maintenance operation

Passivation of the steam generation circuit - fired heater for a steam cracker