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Industrial chemical cleaning

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15th april 2019
A new laboratory container in Malaysia

CTP environment Asia Pacific provides a mobile solution with a long-term rental of 2 Aeromobil® to an important chemicals producer in Malaysia. A technician is required full-time during this operation, so CTP environment also designs a container to facilitate daily work on site, including an integrated laboratory.

5th march 2019
Treatment Mobile Units: release of the Aeromobil® 7

Brand new from the range of air flotation units developped by CTP environnement, the tank of the last Aeromobil® 7 is completely covered to inert the potential toxic gas emission from the flotator.

15th february 2019
A new treatment mobile unit: Cleardry

To propose a solution to a specific problem, CTP environnement has developped a full automated, mobile and modular treatment line.